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Embroidered terry towels

For smaller quantities we gladly embroider our first-class single-color terry towels to your likings.

Available options include:

Christian Fischbacher Classic towels (480g/m2)

This beautiful, elegant shaft border premium classical terry cloth is ideally suited for embroidering. Classic-terry is manufactured in Switzerland and is available in 24 colors and 9 sizes.

Dreamflor terry towels(420g/m2)

Dreamflor is a fluffy Swiss deluxe-terry towel with a meander border. This top-quality product is lightweight and exceptionally fluffy. Dreamflor dries very gently and satisfies the user with its highest absorptive capacity.

Nadja terry towels (500g/m2)

Our import-terry from Portugal provides a border suitable for embroidery and is a popularly-priced alternative to our established Swiss products.

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