NOVELTY Velours printed towels

Wonderful fluffy Velours terry towels.

AvantgardeningWintermorgenit's snowing my deer
Article no.2A9001042B0401042B0401012B2701042B270101
Size approx.
80x150 cm80x150 cm50x100 cm
80x150 cm50x100 cm
KotoriHitzefreiHitzefrei Bag
Article no.
Size approx.
80x150 cm80x150 cm36x47 cm80x150 cm50x100 cm

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  • Dessin "Avantgardeing"


  • Dessin "Winter Morning"


  • Dessin "Kotori"


  • Dessin "Hitzefrei"


Please note that actual colour values might differ from the colour values shown on this web site. For exact values, please contact our customer service.

The quality from this novelty is the noble Dreampure terry with 450g/m2. The incomparable smoothness and softness from this product comes from the special production with a less rotated yarn.

In finishing, the material gets an additional pass. The pile gets cut. This gives the towel a smooth, brigth, and most of all a surface, which is easy to imprinting.

The Velours towels are available in size 80x150 cm. The newest towels are also available as hand towel in size 50x100 cm. They're produced with a normal stitching (no binding with a band). A wonderful luxury terry towel, of course made in Switzerland.

The designs it's snowing my deer and Ralley can get combined perfectly with the plain terry towels from Christian Fischbacher.
The trend colour blossom especially matches them.

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